video camera pipeline inspection

Video Camera Pipeline Inspection

At Roto-Rooter Northshore, we rely on the latest equipment like video camera pipeline inspections to give us the advantage over other plumbing companies. It’s not easy to see inside a pipe, but now we are able to inspect the entire interior of any pipe to find clogs and damage that must be repaired. Our plumbers are experts at plumbing repair and drain cleaning and these tools just help them do their jobs faster and more efficiently. Call us for fast, friendly plumbing repair and clog removal.

Video Camera Inspection for Pipes

Because pipes are difficult to see into, we use a small video camera designed specifically for insertion into pipes. A flexible fiber optic cable carries the camera into the pipe. The camera is waterproof and protected by a rugged design. Bright lights help us see what the camera sees and it’s all recorded in high resolution. The images are transmitted to the plumber operating the system. Now we can see into your pipes and find the clog, see what it’s made of and know exactly where it is located. We can also see if the pipes are damaged or cracked. Once the problem is located, we can use our expertise to fix it and your plumbing problems are over.

Video Camera Pipe Inspections Find More Than Clogs

Underground pipes take a lot of abuse – freezing and thawing, shifting soil, settling of the ground, root intrusion – all of these things can cause cracks, broken seals, and corrosion. Pipes can require more than just cleaning. Eventually they may need to be repaired or replaced. With video camera inspections, we can pinpoint where and what the problem is. Video camera inspections can help us find and diagnose many problems including:

  • Offset Pipe – sections of sewer pipe become misaligned.
  • Bellied Pipe – sections of pipe sink creating a valley where debris gathers.
  • Broken Seals – joints get separated and leaks occur.
  • Cracked or Broken Pipes – severe movement or sudden force causes breaks along the pipeline.
  • Root Intrusion – roots grow into the pipe blocking the flow within.
  • Blockage – clogs form due to grease, food, and foreign objects getting caught inside a pipe.
  • Corrosion – moisture, minerals, and age cause the pipes to corrode and deteriorate.
  • Inferior Pipes – outdated and/or substandard pipe materials can deteriorate.

At Roto-Rooter Northshore, we have the most state-of-the-art equipment available to help us with plumbing repairs and drain cleaning. Add to that our extensive training and you’ve got the best plumbing services anywhere. Trust Roto-Rooter for fast, accurate plumbing repairs and drain cleaning.

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