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High Pressure Water Jetting and Pipe Maintenance

At Roto-Rooter Northshore, we are your residential and commercial drain cleaning and sewer cleaning experts. Our plumbers have the experience and the tools to clear any pipe of any clog. We use the latest technology to help us locate the clog fast and clear it completely so your plumbing runs perfectly. Call us for the latest in pipe cleaning technology.

Video Camera Inspections Help Us Locate the Problem

Sometimes the hardest part of unclogging or fixing a pipe is locating the problem. Luckily, at Roto-Rooter, we have the right tools to get the job done. We use specially designed video cameras inside the pipe to pinpoint the problem so we know exactly where to attack it. A high resolution image is transmitted to the plumber operating the camera (trust us, it’s not pretty in there) and he can see exactly what the problem is. It saves time and money.

Water Jetting Removes the Worst Clogs and Cleans Pipes

For drain and sewer clogs, water jetting is an incredibly effective tool. With water jetting, we attach a nozzle to the end of a high pressure hose. The opposite end is attached to a high pressure water pump. The nozzle restricts water flow causing high pressure to build up in the hose. When released from the hose through the nozzle, this pressure creates thrust. The thrust propels the hose through the sewer line while the pressurized water that comes out of the water jets powers off the debris, roots, etc. that are causing the blockage. An operator controls how fast and how far the water jet goes up the pipe. The result is a pipe that is not only free of debris but clean as a whistle. Our customers love knowing that their pipes are clean as new and it will be a long while before another service call is needed.

Water Jetting Is Great for Regular Pipe Cleaning Maintenance

You don’t have to wait till you get a clog in a pipe to have our water jetting services clean your pipes. We can get you on a maintenance schedule where you have your pipes cleaned periodically to prevent any buildup or clogs. Water jetting technology can clean all sizes of pipes, so call us to find out about preventing drain and sewer problems with water jetting by Roto-Rooter Northshore.

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