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Excavation & Tunneling for Underground Pipe Repair

Water, sewer, and gas pipes are mainly located underground. That’s why Roto-Rooter Northshore specializes in excavation. We can dig down to find the pipe, fix the problem and have your plumbing back in working order quickly. Our excavation services include water line, sewer line, and gas line repair and replacement. We also offer tunneling services which allow us to reach pipes located under your home, driveway, landscaping or other above-ground structure. Tunneling allows us to fix the pipe without having to tear up what lies above it.

Excavation of Water, Sewer, & Gas Lines Underground

At your Northshore Roto-Rooter, we can handle any kind of pipe repair above ground or below. We have special excavation equipment that we use to dig down to any buried pipe to fix it or replace it. The first step is locating the leak. Once we locate the problem, we can dig down, repair or replace the pipe and then fill the hole again. The whole process is fast and easy. We take care to disturb as little of your lawn as necessary when excavating for underground pipe repair.

Tunneling Lets Us Fix Your Pipes and Protect Your Yard

It’s not necessary to tear up your yard to get to underground pipes. Our tunneling technology allows us to work mostly underground without disturbing driveways, sidewalks or landscaping. Whether it’s residential or commercial water, sewer, or gas pipes, Roto-Rooter Northshore can fix them all. If there is problem with your kitchen sink, and the pipes lie below the slab of concrete your home sits on, we can dig a tunnel under the slab to fix whatever the problem is. Count on Roto-Rooter to have the latest technology to give you the best results. When it comes to underground water, sewer, or gas pipe repair or replacement, call the experienced plumbers at Roto-Rooter Northshore.

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